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Lift Chair Buying Guide

A power lift chair gently raises you from a sitting to standing position, which makes more than just a comfortable chair, but an indispensable asset for getting around each day without assistance. All brands of lift chair offer a sitting and reclining position, plus a smooth, power motion to help you rise easily to your feet. From there, a multitude of add-ons for comfort, convenience, serviceability and maintenance are offered by most lift chair manufacturers. With many types and design styles of lift chairs available you will be able to find one to fit your needs for a home or senior living apartment. When shopping for a lift chair for yourself and your family, first consider how and how frequently the lift chair will be used. Here are a few factors to think about when buying your lift chair:

Chair Size and Strength

Making sure the lift chair fits the person meant to use it is extremely important. If your feet do not meet the floor when sitting in the chair, you will not be able to use the lift function safely. Make sure that your feet meet the floor, the seat is wide enough to support you comfortably, and the top of the headrest is a couple inches above where your head meets the cushion (for proper head support). Weight capacity is also an important factor, as chairs for heavier occupants need extra reinforcement to guarantee the occupant and the chair are safe from harm.

Bed Chairs

If you are recovering from a recent surgery or serious injury, you might want a lift chair that you can sleep in. A couple options are available if the chair user wants to sleep in it at night- a lay-flat chair reclines to a horizontal sleeping position, and is sometimes available with an innerspring coil cushion for additional support. A bed chair comes to a full sleeping position like a lay-flat, but can be customized by removing the back and chaise cushion and adding an optional mattress to the chair.

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Pain Management

When confined to a chair for long periods of time, it can be difficult to get comfortable. This is especially a problem for those suffering from conditions in which they experience chronic pain. Ask your doctor or chiropractor if elevating your legs or easing spinal tension with a zero-gravity recliner are effective pain management methods for you. Chairs with zero-gravity recline, for example, have been shown to be effective in some cases of chronic lower back pain.

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UltraComfort StellarComfort Medium Lift Recliner Medium Lift Recliner
StellarComfort (by UltraComfort)
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UltraComfort StellarComfort Medium Lift Recliner Medium Lift Recliner
StellarComfort (by UltraComfort)
Compare at:$3,198.00$1,599.00
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2-Position Lift Chair

This is the standard model of lift chair. It's best as a tv chair or daytime chair, and not meant to be occupied for long periods of time due to its limited range of motion.

3-Position Lift Chair

A 3-position chair can be used for longer periods because it reclines further back into a "napping" position. But these chairs don't normally recline to a completely flat position, so they aren't recommended to sleep in at night.

Lay-Flat or Bed Chairs

The most comfortable and versatile lift chair option. Reclines to a completely flat position and sometimes is available with a mattress add-on.

Zero-Gravity Chairs

The seat cushion drops back and rises in the front to align the hips. This is meant to minimize muscle tension and reduce pressure on the spine.

More Add-Ons for Your Chair
Perfect, Pain-Free Comfort is Worth the Cost

Premium lift chairs give you the choice of additional options like a leather or stain-resistant performance fabric cover option. Some even offer remote-controlled heat and massage! Inquire with your helpful furniture salesperson to see if any of these add-ons are available. Additional charge may apply

  • Leather option
  • Bonded leather or stain-resistant performance fabric option
  • Heat
  • Massage
  • Independent movement of chair back and legrest (also called Infinite Position)
  • Removable chaise pad
  • Removable chaise and backrest cushions with additional mattress
  • Seat Cushion with body-hugging Visco gel or cooling gel layer
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