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Furniture Care Tips

Furniture Care Tips

Loose Cushions and Pillows

Loose cushions and pillows should be flipped, rotated and fluffed on a weekly basis to keep filling materials evenly distributed and allow for even wear.


Vacuum all upholstery once a week with a brush attachment only.

Down Cushions

Down cushions cannot be vacuumed; instead, use a sofa whisk broom or soft brush to clean fabric.


Pilling is normal for all fabrics when they shed their excess fiber. Using a fabric shaver will remove unwanted pills.

Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight, heat and moisture should be kept away from upholstery as fading and discoloration may occur.

Furniture Safety

Never sit on the recliner's footrest, the end of an open sleeper, the arms of furniture or an ottoman.

Moving Tips

Always lift your upholstered furniture. Never drag or push furniture to a new location. This could damage your floor or furniture.

Furniture Stain Removal

Before you try to remove a stain or soil from your upholstery, you should determine the type of fabric involved. Some manufacturers make this easy for you by placing cleaning codes on furniture. (You'll find the code either on the furniture hang-tag or on the manufacturer's label. If not, call us!) These codes indicate the type of fabric involved - cotton, wool, silk, etc., and suggest the best methods of cleaning and spot removal:

  • WS: Clean with water-based cleaning agents and foams, as well as with mild, water-free dry cleaning solvents.
  • W: Use water-based cleaning agents or foams only.
  • S: Use only mild, water-free dry cleaning solvents.
  • X: Do not use foam or liquid agents on this fabric. Vacuum or brush lightly to remove soil.
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